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Testing Custom Hooks

Test Custom Hook | Epic React

You should really test components

  • that's how the hooks will be used

like testing decorators with a dummy function

For complex custom hooks

like refs

when a component re-renders, it creates a new instance

  • which is why we need ref.current instead of just the ref
import { renderHook, act } from "@testing-library/react-hooks";

test("", () => {
    const { result, rerender } = renderHook(userCounter);
    act(() => result.current.increment());

    rerender({ step: 2 });
    act(() => result.current.increment());


  • I'm gonna do something that triggers a state change
  • after the callback finishes, I want to flush all the side effects so that the next line of code has a stable component

userEvent already wraps things in act so we didn't need to do this before

Last update: 2023-04-24