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Why React

React, visualized –



  • DOM manipulation library
  • App state is in the DOM
    • Just read what's on the page to see the state
  • Problem: DOM as global state
    • Hard to debug and understand what changed what when you have a ton of mutations

Angular 1

  • Opinionated all in one tool
  • Everything out of the box
    • 2 way data binding
    • Model, view, controller
    • Routing
    • Templates
    • mini jQuery
    • ..
  • 2011: lots of backend devs having to write frontends

[!Problems with Angular 1]- - 2 way data binding - Hard to understand & debug code - not performant, constantly check for updates

Why React

One way data binding

[!Benefits of one way data binding]- 1. easier to debug 2. more performant, only run code when it needs to

[!How does React do one way data binding?]- rendered app = f(state)

state changes -> re-render app


[!Why weren't there components before React?]- React rethought: the default separation of concerns: HTML, CSS, JS

  • they're all the concern of the component
  • Lots of initial dev hate

[!How did React implement components?]- JSX: HTML, CSS & JS in one view = f(state) - compose components - view = comp1(comp2(state))

[!Biggest benefit of components]- Scalable design systems - build your own - or 3rd party - Material UI

Last update: 2023-04-24