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Imposter Phenomenon

The Psychology of Self-Doubt | Hidden Brain Media

Perfectionism, Imposter Syndrome, and Anxiety | You Got This!

  • only relax, feel competent, proud until boss says "Good job"
    • maintain the scam
    • another day that's gone by where no one's figured out I'm incompetent
  • unable to take pride in our own accomplishments
  • I can be proud of something & someone disappointed in it: completely foreign

Falling short doesn't exist

Example in the tech industry

  • Do they know enough?
    • fear of judgement
    • Does everyone know more than they do?
  • Feeling like a fraud
    • people are learning new frameworks
    • while they're learning the previous ones

Tech celebs Wishes they were like them

Side projects - too tired - never releases them


Works long hours

Afraid to ask for help

Attends more events

Not feeling they're good enough -> Working long hours, attending events, learning on the side -> neglecting mental and physical health -> not feeling good enough

Dreading daily standups in the morning - am I productive enough

Needs external validation - doesn't work for me

Bad emotional state

takes criticism personally

unable to cope

Common Issues in Tech

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Perfectionism
  • Anxiety

Everyone is more popular than you are

People who are out there It's their job to explore new frameworks

If you need to prove something to yourself, then you don't really believe in yourself

Last update: 2023-04-24