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  • wind down routine

Sleep has an important weight to it,

  1. We don’t sleep well
  2. → we worry
  3. → try harder to sleep
  4. → don’t sleep well → ….

  5. If we’re too focused & goal oriented on sleeping, it can work against us

  6. Instead of self-pressure, recognize that a lot of people struggle with sleep
    • common humanity
  7. Even if you don’t fall asleep, you can allow your mind and body to rest

  8. Bodies love routine (up to the individual cells)

  9. What’s your sleeping routine?
  10. Trust the process

Calm 7 days of sleep

Headspace 12 days of sleep

Day 4

  • If you’re lying in bed, do you get stressed?

  • If you’re awake at night, can you be okay with that?

  • Environment: when you walk into the bedroom, what’s the feeling?

  • Can you make it feel more relaxing?

Day 5

  • What effect does your tech have on your sleep?

Day 6

  • We spend a lot of time thinking about sleep

  • When our head hits the pillow, without distractions, we realize how busy our minds are

  • The busyness doesn’t have to affect sleep

  • allow the mind to use up its momentum

Day 7

  • Mindful sleep & waking state,

  • Stability of awareness throughout the day transfers to sleep

Day 8

  • Feelings of boredom: just another thought

  • How do you wind down before sleeping

Day 9: Research shows eating earlier, taking a warm shower ⇒ winding down

Day 12

  • Watch the visualization, as if it’s happening to you

  • Commit to maintain the sense of clarity & calm throughout the day

Hurry Slowly Episode

  • Learned Insomnia (psychophysiological insomnia)

  • Looking at your bed and thinking “omg this isn’t going to be a good night’s sleep, I know it isn’t ⇒ self fulfilling prophecy

  • Solution: Go to another room and “this is my time to read this book I’ve been dying to read

  • Until I can’t wait until to go to bed

  • Imagine the bed is the restful place it is

What's stopping me from doing my bedtime routine? * I find that doing

Last update: 2023-04-24