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Faster Django tests in PyCharm

PyCharm notes


Pressing the green play triangle button is slow.


It runs python path_to_test

  • drops and creates a new test database
  • (slow 🐢)


We can update the Django tests template to add the --keepdb option

So that when you click on the green triangle, it will run

- python path_to_test
+ python path_to_test --keepdb
  1. Open the Run/Debug Configurations
    1. In the top right of PyCharm, click the box to the left of the green play button
    2. Click Edit Configurations...
    3. edit-configurations.png
  2. Add the --keepdb option to the Django tests
    1. 2022-pycharm-tests.png
Have an older version of PyCharm that doesn't match that screenshot?

Screenshot for PyCharm 2020.3


Apply migrations in the test database

Tests failing because your migrations aren't in the test database?

  1. Get the name of your test database
    1. test database has the same name as the DATABASE_URL in .env with a test_ prefix
    2. example
      1. database name is my_db
      2. the test database is test_my_db
  2. Drop the test database
    1. dropdb test_my_db
  3. Run a test
    1. a new database will be created with the migrations

Last update: 2023-04-24