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Writing Good

Writing Handbook: How to source writing ideas

Academic writing

Identify the people with power in your community and give them what they want

  1. Identify reader
    1. every community has their own code
      1. The code: "wow you're smart, you've advanced the field in so many ways. There's just this tiny thing where you're wrong"
  2. Identify problem the reader cares about & why they should care
    1. instability, inconsistency, tension, challenge
      1. example words: nonetheless, although, however, but, inconsistent
    2. instability imposes a cost/benefit to the
  3. Solution

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot - Reminders

Writing vs reading process

When we write, we figure things out - doesn't help readers

We've been taught how to explain what's in our head - teachers: paid to see if you understand

Writing is about changing your reader's ideas

Do not explain, argue - they wrote this stuff

Last update: 2023-04-24