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Analogies for progress

  • melting ice cube
    • -3 (nothing)
    • -2 (nothing)
    • -1 (nothing)
    • 0 still nothing
    • then it starts to melt

Climate change

bamboo, mushroom: grows for 5 years underground - explodes one day

I Watch Your Videos But Never Change My Life - YouTube - Doing stuff isn't how people change: it's what happens after people change - Change = learn: same parts of the brain: burning my hand on stove - Process of learning = change: question assumptions and experiment with those ideas and recall

How to Stick to Habits and Routines Without Falling Off! - YouTube

[!Rubber band analogy]- Stretch too much -> will snap back small change -> rubber band can stay like that

1% changes People aren't capable of changing quickly sustainably

Do things that aren't enough

Last update: 2023-04-24