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Parenting child with ADHD

How a kid with ADHD affects parenting

Dr K: Parenting & ADHD

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Kid with ADHD affects the parenting

It's frustrating af ADHD raises a type of parent - causes more depression in parent

Passive non compliance

Parenting styles



Dr K: Treatment: What to do as a parent?

Passive non compliance


  • 1hour, 30, 15, 5 mins
  • multiple opportunities to break into their attention
  • less likely to throw a temper tantrum
  • deal with consequences more calmly

Recall insteaad of confirmation

  • ask them to repeat what I asked them to do
    • what time are we leaving?
    • What do you need to do by then?

Structure & Habit

  • put your backpack in the same place every day

Reasoning (instead of direction)

Direction: do A, then B, then C - force obediance

Reasoning: explain/reason through why - 9 PM bedtime - what happens when we go to bed at 10 PM - how do you feel when you wake up? - are we late the next day - when we're late, how do I treat you? (I yell more) - if you're well rested, none of that will happen - how do we get to bed at 9 PM? - what time do we need to start a bedtime routine?

Boundaries + Enforcement

Boundaries and enforcement at the same time

Punished for a rule you weren't aware of

Give them plenty of notice

Last time

Empose limits without emotions

It's 10:10 PM and they're still playing

Have a cup of tea to calm down

Then have a conversation at 10:20 PM

Self care

  • child with ADHD
    • ⬆️ depression in parent
    • ⬆️ stress
  • parent support groups
  • exercise
  • you feel so behind

Last update: 2023-04-24