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My good qualities


  • I’m kind
  • I treat others with respect
  • I’m honest
  • Always taking initiative to help
    • I’ve donated my blood multiple times
  • loyal
  • I’m humble
  • Quick learner
    • I’ve figured out a lot of stuff
      • fix the vacuum
      • Fix the Christmas light
      • My terminal setup is really nice
  • I have the gift of consciousness
  • organized
  • Good communication skills

  • Agreeable and pleasant to be around

Organized with good communication skills

As an employee

  • good communication skills
    • super detailed ClickUp tickets or GitHub PRs
  • Always taking initiative to help
    • helping people with questions around the office
    • helping fix small issues
    • sharing my productivity tips

As a son

  • Putting in the time to help mom and dad
  • Spending lots of time in the store even though I don't like it
  • Going to Alberta to work
    • this is my 3rd time?
    • 1st: 2nd year (before the dragon boat season)
    • 2nd: pVelocity: during December

As a brother

  • cleaning, shopping for the condo
  • listening to her woes

As a (dragon boat) team mate

  • I'm pretty strong
  • loyal

Last update: 2023-04-24