How to deal with blame and criticism | Ajahn Brahm

Story of the donkey

  • donkey falls in well
  • Farmer blames donkey, tries to bury it alive
  • donkey: takes the dirt (blame), stamps it in

Grow from mistakes, blame

Min 18

  • prisoner: in jail for robbery he didn't commit
    • he got away with other robberies "so I suppose this is fair"
    • karma
  • speeding ticket
    • makes up for the times that you were speeding

Min 21: Blaming others

  • then it's up to them to change
  • disempowering yourself
  • Thank them
    • stepping on shit -> leave that shit in the mango tree
    • given hand that's dealt: what can I do with it

Laugh at mistakes

Forgiveness: opposite of blame - I will not allow this to stop me from growing - forgive mistakes - learn from mistakes - when things work: you learn the best

Forward failing

Praise, not blame

Last update: 2023-04-24