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Setup PyCharm to always have the --keepdb flag

Docstring settings



Open a folder - attach that folder ![[image-20230228154829471.png]]


inline git blame


Inline docs (PyCharm docs)

F1 and Ctrl Space

Critical shortcuts

  • Cmd + E
    • View recent files
  • shift shift
    • Open files (like Cmd P in VSCode)
  • option r
    • script
  • shift-escape
    • hides the bottom toolbar in PyCharm!
    • useful when you always run black

Connect to a remote server

  1. Create a deployment config
  2. Create an SSH config (click the 3 dots)
    1. ![[image-20230110152723507.png]]
      1. get the port from formaai <ec2_instance_id> pf app
    2. ![[image-20230110150635054.png]]
  3. Create a Mapping
    1. syncs the container's /app folder with my remote-container folder
    2. ![[image-20230110150655880.png]]
  4. Ensure it doesn't automatically sync files

    1. it's laggy
    2. ![[image-20230110153857402.png]]
  5. Upload or Download from the container

    1. ![[image-20230110153209255.png]]

Last update: 2023-04-24