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Planning for your next role

Planning and Preparing For Your Next Role | You Got This!

  • Rachel Nabors

On a long enough timeline, all jobs end - everyone will leave their jobs - as soon as you start a job, you're on a timeline to leaving that job

  1. Interview regularly
    1. informational interviews, with people whose work you admire
      1. how you're doing things
    2. desensitize
    3. once/twice a year
    4. batching
      1. each interview is practice for the next
  2. Get job offers
  3. Know when to quit
  4. Accept an offer

Update your resume at the end of a project

Guilty about interviewing - everyone will leave their jobs - you need to practice for the time when you go

Requesting feedback - debriefing - anonymous survey - this is totally a role I'd like to take in the future, anything will chart course for a role like this

What story do you want to tell?

Interviewing is like dating 1. Work on yourself 2. Show up 3. Put yourself forward

Find people who see you

"They're great except..." - they're not great for you

Knowing when to quit

End on a high note - delivered a big project - bagged a promo - got a great review

When should you definitely leave?

  • you dislike yourself at work
  • feel depressed at work but fine on holiday
  • signs of reorgs
  • management doesn't meet your KPIs
  • kill switches are triggered
    • line do you refuse to cross
    • working with the military
    • 50+ hours a week
  • don't forget your bonus

Picking your next adventure

  • who do I want to be working with?
  • what do I want to be doing on a day to day basis?
  • Where do I want to live?
  • Salary?
  • Growth potential?
  • work/life balance?
  • your mission
    • Rachel Nabors: teach & empower people to solve their own problems

Decision making cycle

  1. Gathering
  2. concluding
  3. Acting

🚩Red Flags

Trust a bad feeling over a good one - be ruthless with companies - it's your life span

  • if they can't find someone like you on and off the team
  • excited/concern about social capital
    • get clear on what's "theirs" vs "yours"
  • promises to grow/change the role
    • we're going to grow the team around you
    • how long can you be happy as is?
  • hybrid role
    • except for a startup
  • feeling like you have to "prove yourself"
    • you proved yourself in the interview
    • imposter syndrome

Good signs

  • Someone who outranks you believes in you
    • above your manager
  • will you be working with people you could learn from?
  • are these people you wish you could be more like?

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What will you do in 0.5/1/2 years?

  • what you'd actually deliver/accomplish in the next 6 months
  • who will you work with?
  • what praise/hardship?
  • How do you feel?

Would you take this bet?

Imagine best/worst outcomes - give them likelihood percentages

Saying goodbye

Recap what you did when you leave with a public

"What I did/learned/enjoyed" post

Last update: 2023-04-24