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Text Copy Writing

Destructive actions

Remove vs Delete

  • remove: non-permanent
  • delete: permanent

Icon before or after text?


gui design - When a button contains text and an icon, which should come first? - User Experience Stack Exchange

Error messages

Better error messages | Wix

Whoops! Something went wrong - inappropriate tone - not the time to cute

The third party you're trying to connect to isn't responding - passing the buck, unprofessional

Try again later - generic

  1. Title: Say what happened
    1. Unable to connect to your account
  2. Reassure them
    1. Your changes were saved
  3. Say why it happened
    1. we couldn't connect to your account because ______
  4. Help them fix it
    1. Try again in 10 minutes
  5. Give them a way out
    1. if this issue keeps happening, contact Customer Care

Last update: 2023-04-24