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Query language

a way to get data from your database/server to the frontend

Problems that it solves

  1. Frontend can get the exact data it needs in 1 API call
    1. use case: Facebook mobile app
    2. no long chain of API calls
    3. no under/over fetching
  2. typing
    1. know the types of the data you need
  3. Federation
    1. Syntax.FM

If you have siloed frontend & backend teams * they can work independently * frontend can mock the GraphQL server and just get the data they need * the backend can implement the GraphQL server independently


Subway: make it your way! (with limits)

In & Out: pick from options (REST)


  • setting up a GraphQL server is more complex
    • write your own reducers
    • or use a service
  • making a request to a GraphQL server is more complex
    • need a library to generate the queries
    • or you have complex query params
  • less likely to get cache
  • need to address the [[N + 1 Problem]]

Last update: 2023-04-24