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Metaphors for the mind


Thought Metaphors

  • Mind is a Blue Sky
  • Headspace video
  • thoughts are like clouds
  • Mind is like a road
  • thoughts are the cars that go by
  • Headspace video
  • When you realize that you're chasing a car, settle back to your chair
  • Mind is the ocean
  • Thoughts are the waves
  • Every wave is unique
  • leaves an impression and a memory
  • But it always fades back into the ocean
  • Mind is a pond of water
  • Thoughts are like little pebbles, rippling through the water
  • things rise up
  • Headspace Video
  • Random synapses firing randomly
  • Our Thoughts, Ourselves (Invisibilia Season 1 Episode 1, Min ~24)
  • Observing your mind is like watching a movie screen
  • respond to your thoughts as if they were playing on a
  • It doesn't make sense to try to stop the images
    • or to react to characters or things happening on the screen
  • YouTube ad
  • you're focusing on the breath (watching your video)
  • when suddenly an ad appears (an evolutionarily powerful thought)
  • just click skip and move back to the breath
  • Google search

  • sometimes the first thought is like an ad, irrelevant

  • If it were enough to switch from negative to positive thoughts, you would've done it already

  • Thinking is how you got here
  • Transformation happens outside of thinking

Last update: 2023-04-24