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Dr K: Mental Health Bootcamp: Procrastination

Efficient strategy to getting things done

  • Paper due in 3 months
  • Brain: I'm gonna do it in the last 2 weeks

Not about quality It's about efficiency

Types of Procrastination

Idealistic (Ready)

  • fantasy
  • I want this task to be a certain way
  • until the brain figures out how how do that to make it perfect, it'll procrastinate
  • only gonna date when I'm ready


  • recognize it's a fantasy
    • setting yourself to to haul
  • let it go
  • grieve the loss
    • accepting a loss and moving forward
    • not giving up


  • emotions
  • asking boss for raise, vacation
  • brain: how about we don't do that and avoid the fear?
  • we have rational arguments
    • not effective


  • recognize the emotion I'm trying avoid
  • what are the consequences I'm trying to avoid?
  • how would someone in this situation feel?


  • brain has trouble with unclear tasks
  • "oh that wasn't that bad. I should've done that weeks ago"
  • starting to do yoga
  • abstract tasks are hard
  • 2 year old: doesn't know how to break down "cleaning your room"
    • can do the individual tasks
    • if you play video games: you're worse at abstractions
      • it breaks things up for you
  • finding a job
    • resume
    • cover letter
    • applications


  • break down the task
    • start at the end
    • accept the job offer
    • see the job offer
    • interview
    • ...

can't feel accomplished because it's stress relief

Last update: 2023-04-24