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JC: Overflow

Scroll bars

Always show scroll bars on mac!

  • by default, scroll bars are always visible on non-macs
  • macs: fade away on blur

Scroll containers

like Dr Who's TARTIS - telephone box on the outside - giant spaceship on the inside

When does a scroll container scroll?

  • when the inner size exceeds the outer size
    • only when there's overflow
  • height: the outer size can keep on growing

overflow values

[!Default overflow value?]- overflow: visible we want overflow to be visible by default

so even if the site is broken, we have all the content

[!When to use overflow: scroll]- if it will always scroll

[!When to use overflow: auto]- use if it MIGHT scroll doesn't need to scroll? won't show the scroll bar

[!When to use overflow: hidden]- - truncate text with ellipses - decoration - b1c377c5de363ba8c6064889e2d9f6fd.png - Solve specific problems - mobile: when the menu is open, we don't want the lesson content on the right to cause a horizontal scroll - 6279ff3f7c7ff1aa8ec781a1fc9a36c8.png

[!overflow: scroll vs overflow: hidden]- they're the same thing hidden has the scrollbars removed you can still toggle over

  • always comment explaining why you used overflow:hidden
    • future self might remove it
    • not obvious what it broke

[!overflow: hidden vs overflow: clip]- clip is kinda similar except no scroll container is created when you toggle to a hidden link, it won't scroll the container: ![[image-20230315112938976.png]]

so we have to test manually

Exercise: Only overflow in one axis

JC: Scroll container with overflow: clip ![[image-20230314184845128.png]]

Setting overflow to non-visible turns an element into a scroll container

overflow-x: hidden;
overflow-y: visible;


2 solutions

  1. overflow: clip
  2. wrapper with overflow-x: hidden

Scroll containers and positioned layout

position: relative

  • ensure that the containing block (the position: relative parent)
  • is a scroll container (has overflow: ...)

position: fixed

containing block for position: fixed is outside of the DOM - can't put/hide position: fixed in a scroll container!

TODO: confirm in the JC lesson

Horizontal Overflow

white-space: nowrap;
overflow: auto;

Find the random overflowing element that makes the whole page scroll horizontally

document.querySelectorAll("*").forEach(el => {
  if(el.offsetWidth > document.documentElement.offsetWidth) {

or use the classic trick

* {
  border: 1px solid red;

Last update: 2023-04-24