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Origins of addiction

  • Addiction is about the insecure self
    • only considers own immediate desires
    • believes it must behave that way
    • can't rely on nurturing environment
      • no such environment exists
  • childhood unmet needs
    • survival mechanism to worry about self

What it's like to be addicted

  • constant worry
  • soothed only by addiction temporarily
  • scarcity: need to grab every bit of nourishment
  • vigilant for every opportunity to get more
    • hasn't grown out of narcissistic phase of infancy
    • everything happens because of them, to them, for them

Denial of addiction

  • "it's helping me destress, (some other need), bettering my life"
  • AA: Step 1

Why can't we be with the pain

anticipatory pain - kids getting a flu shot and crying because they fear they can't handle it

Last update: 2023-04-24