1. Coach
    1. Coaches love discovering the potential in people and supporting others’ personal growth
    2. hard for them to accept when this potential is being wasted
  2. Time Keeper
    1. Nothing excites Time Keepers more than meeting a deadline
    2. They enjoy setting up processes, timelines and plans
    3. They may feel confused in chaotic circumstances where neither the outcomes nor the ways to achieve these are clear.
  3. Strategist
    1. Strategists look at the big picture
    2. enables them to easily find the best way out of the clutter
    3. Because connecting the dots comes naturally to them
      1. they may get impatient with people who make slower decisions.
  4. Empathizer
    1. great at understanding how people feel
    2. use this sensibility to do good for others
    3. They become frustrated when asked to disregard feelings and focus solely on logic instead.
  5. Thinker
    1. enjoy mental activity, intellectual discussions and time alone in reflection.
    2. They find it difficult to work in teams that tend to act before thinking

Last update: 2023-04-24