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Why do anything?

  • we're pulled to things
  • when we're discontent we're pulled towards peace
    • [[Karma and Dharma]]

Vanity metrics

Vanity metrics: How to pick better life goals

[!Examples of vanity metrics]- - # of followers - # books you've read

[! What is a vanity metric?]- 1. intermediary goals 2. easier to accomplish than true goals 3. encouraged by society

Is goal worthwhile?

  1. Goal path
    1. working on side project
      1. hours worked -> tickets completed -> progress made -> project completed -> desired outcome achieved

      2. vanity metric: # of hours worked
      3. ideal goal: desired outcome achieved
    2. of friends -> % of friends' weddings you're invited to

  2. ability signalling
    1. CS degree -> did _____ at company
  3. virtue spectrum
    1. complain about littering on street -> tweet a politician -> pick it up, create volunteer group

Is a project worth taking?

  1. Treat time like money
  2. Can you afford to spend the time?
  3. 24 hours before committing
    1. let me know my schedule, I'll let you know by tomorrow

Before taking a new project?

  1. What are you ageeing to?
    1. "helping someone move"
      1. "What kind of help do you need?"
      2. packing & unpacking vs moving boxes
  2. What value do you get out of the project
  3. How much will it cost me?
    1. break down into pieces
    2. work backwards
      1. imagine: the project already completed: what did you need to do to complete it
      2. double the estimate
  4. How will I pay for it?
    1. schedule = time budget
    2. if not enough time, suggest something cheaper

Last update: 2023-04-24