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What is Self?

Dr K's Guide: What is Self?

Ask: who am I?

When you sit there and observe your breath, how do I know that I'm (not) smart?

Where is the masculinity in me? - do you base your identity of a man on the sensation of your genitals? - testicular cancer: when it's removed, do you lose your sense of identity of maleness?

Where is the sense of "I'm behind, not good enough" in the body?

Dr K's Guide: Identity

Turyia: Inner - inspiration, fulfillment

Surface level - dopamine - to get away from other thoughts

When you lose your drives, you attatch to the memory of your old drives

-> stuck: because you're a different person now

Listen to ourselves

We distract ourselves when

It's hard to be in touch with ourselves

Meditation: stillness for 5 mins

Last update: 2023-04-24