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How React is used

SPA era



  • React shows how nice hooks are
  • 3rd party hooks
    • Redux: useSelector
    • React Query is only possible with hooks
  • Treat React like a UI primitive instead of an app platform
    • Next JS & Remix: use React for UI
    • don't use react for
    • Nice features like SSG, SSR

Server components?

  • 2023+
  • React's 3rd Wave
  • React is no longer a client side library
    • Server side framework that ships a client side bundle
  • React shows nice server components
    • 3rd party implementations
  • Won't fully merge with Next
    • React is also used as the view on mobile, React Native, games, VR

React Frameworks

  • Remix
  • Next.JS
  • Gatsby
  • Redwood JS

Create React App

  • single page app
  • load JS at the beginning
    • Gmail
  • bad SEO


  • static site generator
  • don't need a server!
    • there's a Gatsby service????

Next JS

UI Dot Dev Video:

  • add an About.ts
    • creates an /about page
  • code splitting
  • image optimization <Image />
  • you can build API endpoints
    • next-js-api-endpoints.png

3 ways Next JS renders a page

  1. statically generate HTML at build-time 2. with the option of fetching data at build-time 3. getStaticProps()
  2. Server render the page 3. calculate the HTML all on the backend
  3. Fetch the data on the client 5. like a SPA

Incremental static regeneration

  • on a per page basis: regenerate a page on demand with new data


  • created by the React Router team
  • only does static site rendering

    • no static site generation
    • no incremental static regeneration
  • like PHP or Ruby on Rails???

  • lots of pages & dynamic data with a database

Redwood JS

Full stack JS framework

Last update: 2023-04-24