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Encryption vs Hashing

Hashing - one way conversion of data -> gibberish - Always returns a string of the same length - Culinary term: hash brown - Chopped and mixed

Encryption - convert data into gibberish - can convert it back


hash function that also takes in a shared secret key as an input

  1. message integrity: know that the message wasn't tampered with

  2. authentication (I know who the sender is)

SSL will give more security guarantees than HMAC

PyGitHub API

[[JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)]] can be integrity protected - verify that the user didn't edit the payload

How do symmetric & asymmetric encryption work together? asymmetric securely send a key (or use Diffie Hellman)

symmetric w/ the shared key to encrypt all the data

Storing passwords



Rainbow table

Timing attack - Attacker uses computation time to get info


Digital signature

Private key to sign a hash of the original message

Recipient uses public key to validate the message

Last update: 2023-04-24