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Leading a week-long front-end bootcamp

Notion Slides

From Aug 3, 2021 to Aug 6, 2021, I lead a 4 day, 2-hours a day zoom frontend bootcamp for the non profit: CICS.

Goal of the bootcamp

  • building
  • brief overview of some HTML, CSS, JS
  • how websites work




Uploading to GitHub pages

  • Beyond the scope to teach Git
  • I'm using the GUI


- update the GitHub content


  • Dynamic
  • menu
    • update GitHub
  • Overview of how JS is used outside of the frameworks

How the web works

  • DNS
    • IP Address

Next steps

- FreeCodeCamp

Though process

I tried to give an overview of

I created the content in Notion

Then I created the slides from notion with this website

Why Notion?

I've watched some Thomas Frank videos and he loves it so I'd wanted to try it out.

For my presentation purposes, Markdown might be good enough.


Why notion slides?

Use this is

Lessons learned

Narrow my scope

  • only use precisely what we need to know to build google
    • example: remove main tag, lists, headers
  • I tried to do too much
  • I completely overwhelmed the students

Before, the google site looked like this 938c3c7afac55e9e3a8f11fd4a0586e7.png

Make it more interactive

  • this is tricky
  • some people are on phones or iPads
  • do the FreeCodeCamp exercises together live?

There are things that I glossed over

Empower students to learn more afterward

  • Link to FreeCodeCamp

Change the order

  • post the website on GitHub pages first
  • so that there's more instant feedback

What I think I did well

  • having the slides available on Notion

Last update: 2023-04-24