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Js package managers

Package Managers


comes with node


  • Facebook created yarn because npm was slow


  • uses symbolic links and caching
    • every dependency is installed once
      • ~/.pnpm-store/
  • if two dependencies (or nested dependencies) have the same grand dependencies,
    • they can just point to the same package
    • no need to install it twice!
  • drop in replacement for npm
  • pnpm patch | pnpm
    • modify the source code of your dependencies

What is package hoisting????


workspaces | npm Docs

aka managing multiple repos in a single repo

  • aka monorepo

Avoid manually using npm link

Introduced in npm v7

Why are pnpm workspaces better?

Workspace | pnpm

  • built-in support for monorepos
  • don't technically need

At Forma, we had a package

  "dependencies": {
    "forma-package": "workspace:*"

Direct link to the package directory in the monorepo if you look at the pnpm-lock.yaml

JS Monorepos

Last update: 2023-04-24