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HealthyGamerGG: You Are Burned Out And Don't Even Know It

HealthyGamerGG: Your Job Doesn't Care About Your Mental Health - Reminders

Burnout symptoms

  1. Lack of empathy
    1. cynicism & negative view & fatalistic
      1. things are going to shit no matter what I do
      2. co-worker drops the ball
    2. stop caring about patients
  2. General lack of energy
  3. Lack of enjoyment/fulfillment of your job
    1. like your job on paper
    2. find it unfulfilling

Burnout vs depression

  • similar
  • different treatment

individual <--> company, workplace or situation

burnout: trying way harder than what you get

![[Pasted image 20221201140138.png]]

Example - doctors - helping patients - vs calling insurance

Burnout is getting worse despite the wellness industry booming

because it doesn't address the root: issues at work

got pushback when it took time away from work

self care has to be a part of work

What leads to burnout (6 factors)

Factor Workplace Individual
Workload Overworked overworking
you want to be great
emotional drive
--> burnout
Control Micromanaging Control freak
Reward Unpaid overtime What kind of compensation are you looking for? (ego: I want to be paid more than others)
Community Isolation Social anxiety
desire to isolate
(why don't you go to work events?)
Fairness unfair
perception of a lack of fairness
Taken for granted
willing to be a doormat (tolerate & reinforce unfair work env)
Values eg: doctor: helping patients vs call insurance & billing

challenged and succeed - fulfilled challenged, succeeded and someone notices and says "you did awesome!" & appreciate you - fulfillment


  • I do extra work
    • I get told to do less
  • I want to help everyone
    • I want to document, things are better

Working too much

  • I don't work a lot anymore



Last update: 2023-04-24