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Why your manager manages

Develop people

  • clarify career aspirations
    • 🫥 ask for help creating a plan (talent plan)
  • show up for team
    • work at desk
    • 🫥 greet team in Slack
    • engage during meetings
    • attend outside work events (or plan them!)
  • 🫥 recognize other team members for their work
  • 🫥 invest in personal relationship?

Deliver outcomes

  • get work done
  • 🫥 ensure outcomes are measurable
  • 🫥 regular and consistent progress updates
    • describe blockers and plan for movement
    • 🫥 describe context for each choice (from [[#Craft]]])
  • 🫥 share ideas on how to make outcomes even better, faster, more impactful

What brings manager pride


obsess over details, innovation (usually devs -> management)

  • 🫥 share what "great work" is for you and them
  • 🫥 describe context for each choice
  • ❌ eye on what competitors do
  • 🫥 share inspiration to share what you're striving for
  • ❌ "user" feedback from org stakeholders and knowledgeable people outside of company

Machinery how things get done is as important and what gets done (usually non technical management)

  • plug into all processes they've setup
  • leading a project?
    • agree on project management practices
  • get a regular pulse on stakeholder satisfaction

How manager plugs into the broader org

  • does whatever the org does
    • show how you're working lock step with the org's way of doing things
    • lean on documented norms
    • careful with improvement suggestions
  • challenger

    - 🫥 proactively suggest examples of where things could be better

Last update: 2023-04-24