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[!Why do people use LinkedIn]- see peoples' profiles

  • text rich search
    • search the keywords
  • text poor search
    • find the dark matter
    • when the text rich search is exhausted

Dark matter

tons of people that are there and you can't find on LinkedIn

[!Why might someone have a typo on their LinkedIn profile?]- They spent ~1 min on their minimal profile - they created a LinkedIn to look at other people

They might use an abbreviation Senior -> snr, sr Manufacturing -> mfg Software -> sw

They could intentionally misspell it so that they don't get spammed - the hottest people are probably annoyed by always being asked

  • tons of Google engineers that don't have a primary language
    • usually recruiters search for "Java developer"

[!The problem with just reaching out to the visible profiles]- - They're the hotness - low response rate - everyone else is reaching out to them

Searching for people vs job posting - job posting is like a trap - you want to catch a rabbit - a skunk, deer, raccoon might wander in - can't control what's ensnared

Example: finding a Cloud architect

  1. Search for Cloud and click on profiles
  2. Look for terms that are synonymous with Cloud
    1. OpenShift
    2. OpenStack
    3. Azure
    4. EC2
  3. Use those terms and search for more profiles
  4. Look for terms
    1. CloudWatch
    2. SQS
  • find everyone with SQS but not AWS and EC2

Find programmers who use Java but don't mention Java on their profile

Strategic exclusion

  1. get rid of all languages (or the commonly used search term)
    1. -Java, -Ruby, -JavaScript, ...
  2. Search for Java groups (implied experience)
    1. get people

Search for a verb

separate the nouns and the words

Find female developers

  • her, she
    • recommendations
  • women
    • women's groups
  • most common female names

Finding expats

  • used to live in UK, now living elsewhere
    • universities
    • expat groups


  • looking for a software engineer
  • they work with QA, product
  • reach out to them and network with them
    • not just networking with software engineers

Talent mapping

  • over the next few months
  • ??????

In a search

Created a LinkedIn account a day ago - will likely reach out to you

Five levels of talent mining

  1. ?
  2. Using LinkedIn to find people not on LinkedIn

Last update: 2023-04-24