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ADHD Samskaras


[[Depression Samskaras]]

It doesn't matter what I do

[!Effect of this samscara]- self-fulfilling prophecy nocebo effect

[!What causes this samscara?]- When did you lose hope?

[!How to digest the samscara?]- catch the thought try things

It's a waste of time, so don't bother

  • "can't afford to make a mistake"
    • dropped out of college
    • can't go back to college because they need to pick the right major
    • couldn't take a step forward after years

people who are successful - understand can afford to make mistakes

  1. catch the thought
  2. mourn the past
    1. those years are gone
  3. live in the present
    1. what do I need to do today?

I'm not ready


"no such thing as ready"

[!How do you know if you have this?] when you take a step forward, does the feeling of readiness increase?

I'd rather stay in limbo than take a chance

friend zone

fear of rejection - stuck in limbo because we're attached to the postiive - friend zone: stuck to the idea that we could have a beautiful relationship - paralyzed by giant love - limbo: that love might still have a chance

What to do

  1. notice
    1. what you want from it
  2. let go of the positive dream

This may work for others, but not me

Individuality can be a - road block or a road map - how will I compensate?


  • short man who wants a partner
  • height is the excuse for everything
    • if people reject me for my height, has nothing to do with communication, out of shape
    • forego any responsibility

Last update: 2023-04-24