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People are highly motivated

Usually pointed in an unproductive place

Highly motivated Reading webtoons day in and day out

What is Motivation

Not one thing

maintaining Motivation and focus: they're the same thing in

Motivation is an emergent property, like flight: light weight, thrust

"I lack motivation"

Not actionable Can't flick a switch

How motivation emerges

calculate whether it's worth it to do something

Little energy & high degree of success -> high motivation * like the documentation tasks and the small tasks

lots of energy & low degree of success -> low motivation

That's why breaking tasks down is so important!!

???? Depression: lack of motivation because you have a low sense of

  • regret: I screwed up
  • identity
    • I feel like I don't have worthlessness, hopelessness, powerlessness

Increasing motivation

Why are there so many motivational speakers

if it's a solved problem, then there wouldn't be so many

The more effective the medicine, the less variance there is * example: antibiotics for bacterial infections

Increase the chance of success - break tasks down - Confidence - process negative emotions - survive failure

Last update: 2023-04-24