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How I use Reddit

How do I block Reddit?

On my laptop

I want to be deliberate on how I spend my time.

I can get distracted for hours, especially on r/aww/ 🐰🐱🐶.

However, reddit is also the source of useful information, with Quora and Reddit taking over Yahoo Answers as the internet's go-to place for life's questions. (eg: plumbing questions)

This is how I'm using Reddit for my benefit and not just for Reddit's benefit.


  • Freedom to block specific sites across devices, including Reddit
  • I also have a Chrome/Firefox extension called LeechBlock for redundancy purposes

On my phone


  • Firefox for Android
    • Leechblock to block Reddit
  • Freedom app
    • When a Freedom session is active, I disable the use of Settings
  • Nova Launcher
    • I have it setup so that when I tap and hold on an app, there isn't an option to uninstall.
    • This is to prevent me from uninstalling Freedom.

How do I use Reddit if it's blocked?

I block access to Reddit on my phone.

On my laptop, I

  1. Run wget <reddit-url>
  2. I might have to rename the file to have an .html extension.

How do I view more comments?

When I run the wget command, I replace the www with old to download the old reddit version of the site.

What if I want to ask a question?

  1. Turn off Freedom
  2. Run sleep 3600 && open -a Freedom to turn on Freedom back in an hour
  3. Go on Reddit and use it normally.

How do I view videos

  1. I download the new reddit URL with wget
  2. I open the page with my web browser.
    • Reddit has some JS that hides
  3. I open the dev tools (right click anywhere, click Inspect )
  4. Press cmd shift p and type Disable JavaScript
  5. Press enter
    • the sources tab should have a yellow warning icon beside it now
    • ![[sources-tab.png]]
  6. Refresh the page
  7. Look at the elements tab
  8. Find the <video> tag and look for the <source> tag inside it
  9. Copy the <source> tag's src attribute
  10. Open VLC
  11. In the Menu Bar > File > Open Network
  12. Paste the URL

This approach works for me because it can't scale and I can't endlessly scroll. The friction prevents me from going on and going to the home page and endlessly scrolling.

This is the reasoning behind my app where there are no links to other podcasts or YouTube videos and there isn't an infinite scroll.

Last update: 2023-04-24