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What depression looks like

Dr K: Cognitive Depression: What does depression look like

Negative self attitude

  1. Worthlessness
  2. Powerlessness
  3. Hopelessness


100% sure I lack value

I am 100% sure I'm incompetent in these ways

comes from how we understand the past

Past failure becomes present identity


Depressed brain goes to the past


Things would've been so much better if I hadn't ...

100% sure that it made the mistakes

Future focus is certain - based on the mistakes in the past

Dr K: Neuroscience of depression

Default Mode Network is over active - DMN gives us self awareness - too much -> too much focus on self -> depression

Ketamine - shuts off default mode network

Meditation reduces default mode network

Dr K: Ayurveda for Depression

Subtypes of depression

  1. anxiety of depression
    1. restless mind
    2. insomnia
    3. decreased appetite
    4. calming anti-depressants
  2. Neuroveggetative depression
    1. too much sleep
    2. eating too much
    3. low energy levels
    4. activating anti-depressants
    5. raise Kapha: qualities are wet, cold, and heavy.
  3. Depression with anger attacks
    1. very frustrated and angry
    2. short fuse
    3. times when very irritable
    4. drugs that work for restless leg syndrome

Medications respond differently to each type

Dr K: Diet and Ayurveda

Depression and narcissism

  • narcissism: stage of infancy
  • it's all your fault

Last update: 2023-04-24