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Database Locks

Types of locks

Hussein Nasser: Locks in Postgres

  • Table lock
  • row lock

Hussein Nasser: Exclusive row lock vs Shared row lock

Exclusive lock - others can't read

Shared lock - others can't write

Advisory Locks

lock with application defined meaning

  • ideal candidate for concurrency control where the standard MVCC doesn't fit the bill
    • what is MVCC???
  • example: restores: lock that commissions run ID
    • prevent another restore from restoring that same commissions run ID at the same time

Session advisory lock

  • held until
    • session ends
    • lock is released manually
      • SELECT pg_advisory_unlock(10);
  • avoid session locks????
    • A lock acquired in a transaction will hold even if the transaction rollbacks!!!
    • Transaction semantics are not honoured for session locks????
SELECT pg_try_advisory_lock(10);  -- 64-bit number
SELECT pg_try_advisory_lock(1, 2);  -- two 32-bit numbers

Transaction advisory lock

  • transactional advisory lock acquired in a transaction will be released when the transaction ends
SELECT pg_try_advisory_xact_lock(:id1, :id2)

Listing advisory locks

SELECT mode, classid, objid FROM pg_locks WHERE locktype = 'advisory';

Example uses of advisory locks

  • Restoring a commissions run
    • guarantee that there aren't two restores trying to restore the same commissions run
      • will mess with the calculations
  • coordinate access to some shared resource or a 3rd party services
    • guarantee that only one node can access it at a time

What causes a lock?

  • DML statement
    • INSERT INTO table (...) VALUES(...)
    • UPDATE table SET ... WHERE ...
    • DELETE FROM table WHERE ...
  • DDL statement
    • CREATE TABLE ...
    • ALTER TABLE ...
      • exclusive lock
    • will still allow writes
  • (auto) [[PSQL Vacuum]]
  • indexing????
  • explicitly

Identifying lock problems

  • slow queries
  • low resource usage
    • low I/O usage

Debugging live

  • pg_locks
  • pg_stat_activity
FROM pg_stat_activity
WHERE wait_event_type = 'Lock'

Hacks o’Clock: Blocked by rdsadmin

Debugging when gathering stats

  • pgbadger
    • make sure you have some extra space
  • if you're on RDS
    • make sure you're not maxed out on IOPS
    • logs and data are on the same device
  • ![[image-20221129212634999.png]] ![[image-20221129212803067.png]]

What it doesn't do - For each query, what other query is blocking it? - need to do some live debugging

Common locking problems

(auto)vaccum prevents running DDL

or DDL prevents autovacuum

How do you know you have this problem


autovaccum and DDL lock fix

  • don't disable autovacuum
    • [[PSQL Vacuum#Why autovacuum should always be on]]
  • Give autovacuum more resources
    • so it finishes faster, more often
  • split up large tables
    • partition or archive

Autovaccum freeze

  • process name has: "to prevent xid wraparound"
  • PSQL has 32 bit transaction IDs
    • easy to use them all
  • autovacuum has to periodically recycle old IDs
  • can't kill it
    • will get revived right away
    • super important for database
Autovaccum freeze fix


  • blocks writes to those rows
  • when someone tries to implement a queue in psql
    • don't do that

Idle in Transaction

FROM pg_stat_activity
WHERE state = 'idle in transaction'
  1. someone starts a transaction with BEGIN
  2. forgets to commit the transaction

Blocks autovacuum

Idle in Transaction fix

  • find the app code and make sure it calls COMMIT
  • idle_in_transaction_session_timeout = 2min

Long DDL Locks

fixed in PostgreSQL 11

When you add/alter a column that's - NOT NULL - with a default

ADD COLUMN my_col text NOT NULL DEFAULT 'blah';

Problem - takes an AccessExclusiveLock - rewrites the whole table

Fix (for pre PostgreSQL 11) - see video PostgreSQL Locking issues

Last update: 2023-04-24