What is ego

HealthyGamerGG: What is Ego | Dr.K Explains - Reminders

  • the part of the mind that protects us from negative emotion
    • protective mechanism
    • bouncer for the mind
    • you feel negative emotions like shame and the bouncer protects you
    • eg: getting rejected after asking a girl out
      • ego bouncer steps in: "I'm not even into her, I'm fine"
      • false, you wouldn't have asked her out if you weren't into her
  • comparison to others
  • the I feeling
    • describe myself as Asian, male, developer, son
    • anything in a resume
      • talks about you but not who YOU are

If the ego is a protective bouncer, why does it keep you stuck in loops of "I'll never get better"????

Last update: 2023-04-24