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Let's talk about anxiety: HG

Anxiety isn't just mental

Most people who treat anxiety are specialized in the mind

Heightened baseline of worry around projected (potential) threats

Unable to distinguished between perceived and actual threat - eg?

[!How is anxiety developed]- Survival strategy alcoholic parent all they can do is think about the parent a lot No other tools, what all of things you can go through? I gotta clean my room so that they don't get pissed learning how things work fundamentally, like how gravity works I can't change the outward problem so in the future, I'm just gonna think through it, worked in the past, Best strategy as a 5 year old brain learneds that doing stuff doesn't work


The world is a dangerous place. Unable to modulate heart rate in response to stress Like PTSD

Gut health

IBS: have some degree of depression and anxiety - inflammatory condition

Anti anxiety diet

Gut bacteria - produce neurotransmitters - don't cause inflammation - inflammation increases heart rate


Understand the effect of anxiety on the present

Tries to control the situation

Tolerate anxiety

5 year old can't

Exposure therapy


anxiety: tries control the situation - very hard, impossible to change other people - brain keeps trying, over and over again - survival mechanism

What is anxiety

  • future focused mind
    • see future problems -> solve them
  • egocentric
    • about your insecurities

Do you identify as a worrier? - I don't identify as a worrier - my mind does always think of things that can be improved

General Anxiety Disorder

Last update: 2023-04-24