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Karma and Dharma

Dr K: Karma: Sow Seeds for Your Future Self

Healthy Gamer Coaching

Karma: thought experiment: as if every day you woke up with amnesia

Dirty dishes: isn't random

It's cause you didn't do the dishes yesterday


Your duty

Makes hard things the right and easy thing to do

Guide: Dharma

Karmic debt

HealthyGamerGG: Why You Can’t Stop Wearing a Mask - Reminders

wearing a mask: living your life as a lie - building up karmic debt of pain and suffering - then there's so much that you can't take off the mask

mask: delaying the pain

Alcoholics anonymous and [[Addiction]] - making amends - making phone calls that they've done wrong - increases the chance of your sobriety

  1. Stop sowing seeds of inauthenticity
    1. story of the swami and the bitter melon
  2. plant seeds of truth-telling
    1. lies are hard to keep track of

Last update: 2023-04-24