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Why document

TODO: Link to write the docs page

My Journey

What lead me to this

  1. It's hard to do your job if there's no docs
  2. It's frustrating when you used to know how to do something and you don't anymore

What I had

Management at our company was really pushing for documentation changes

They created a dev-docs repo and I was just continuing what they started after it seemed like it stalled.

I also put a ton of personal time into this which isn't a sustainable pace.

Changing the culture

  1. Got obsessed and watched a ton of write the docs talks
    1. Took notes
  2. Doc audit
  3. Doc survey
    1. Is there really a problem?
    2. Sample questions
  4. Mkdocs POC
  5. MKDocs integration

Last update: 2023-04-24