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Why Foam instead of MDX

Date: 2022-01-03

Nicer UX

  • the UX is just nicer (tab will indent lists)
  • pasting images is super nice with foam
    • the UX with MDX is manually copying
  • table of contents markdown creator/updater VSCode extension

Lesser points

  • I can use (beautify) WYSIWYG markdown editors like Typora or Zettlr or Obsidian
    • regular Markdown (although I could get away with using MDX with those editors)
  • I haven't really used MDX that much anyway

Problems with foam

I realized that I can just use GitHub

It doesn't have SEO or customizability but I don't really care about that right now.

  • My main concern is just getting stuff out of my head and into this system

I use Zettlr as my text editor because it has a nice left bar where I can navigate through all the files

I tried uploading to GitHub pages but encountered these problems

  • I have to create pages that I'd have to manually
    • I want to replicate the directory structure
  • 2+ levels deep folders
    • I like organization and grouping
    • Foam's github pages
  • backlinks and forward links
  • automatic table of contents
    • technically, this can be generated in markdown but the UI isn't the best
      • I'd like to to be on the side rather than as a part of the content
  • no search

Alternatives I want to investigate

  • neuron
    • apparently it's in maintenance mode
    • emanote is the successor
    • but it looks like it's not stable yet
  • mkdocs
  • GitBook: doesn't support 2+ levels deep
  • Bookstack and other hosted wikis
    • we use this for work but you'd have to host a server and I'd rather not pay for a $5 a month DigitalOcean server
    • it's really nice and is the basis of what I'd like

Last update: 2023-04-24