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Why do I work so hard? (avoiding crashes)

What to work on

If someone works all the time - you neglect other parts of your life


Preventing downward spirals

  1. Feeling overwhelmed
    1. feeling: not enough energy to accomplish the task
  2. Avoidance and doing something easier to feel like I'm getting something done
    1. My feeling of worth comes from my productivity?
  3. Feeling empty and just wanting to just feel something good

I'm not good enough - my worth is impacted by performance: how to challenge that

If you don't have time to take care of your mental health, you don't have time for anything else - not work - not friends - not body

Possible causes

Falling behind

Dealing with Samskaras

mental anchor of where I'm supposed to be

  • Catching up is paralyzing (min 8)
    • taking the first step isn't useful
    • any step you take forward
      • feels like it's not enough
    • need to let go of catching up and that you're behind

Being behind & catching up: mental constructions

if you want to gain muscle, you have to go to the gym

How to let go of falling behind/catching up

  • why is it hard

    • Culture: redemption arc
    • super behind => have to achieve so much to make up for it
      • example: My Hero Academia: Deku going from no power -> GOAT 🐐
  • need to let go of that fantasy of triumph

  • all you have to do is move forward

Burnt out students

Perfectionism vs Progress

Perfectionism is about the end state

Progress is about the next step

It's hard to let go of perfectionism - brain's way of coping with: how will I make up for my mistakes

What makes it hard to let of doing perfect work? - what does that evoke in your mind? - shame? - dissatisfaction - it's not truth, it's an emotion

It's my job to make the campus safe Not to make people feel safe - Security at a campus

even in a safe environment, people can feel unsafe

Last update: 2023-04-24