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ADHD Symptoms

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[[Neuroscience of ADHD]]


Clinical Diagnosis of ADHD

Years and years of persistent symptoms & impairment of function

What is attention

ADHD is a disorder of attention

perception - sensing sensations you pay attention to

Impulse control - blinders on sensation

Attention - the spotlight - ?????

Types of attention - sustained attention - alternating attention - selective attention - selectively attend to some things and tune out others - focused attention - suddenly drawn to stimuli (eg: flash of light)

Inattention symptoms

Huberman Lab Podcast: first 20 mins

  • ✅ no control over attention, what's perceived
    • lack of focus
    • hyperfocus on things they love
      • can't stop reading manga, working
      • TODO: Russel Barkley video
        • like a brain injury
    • easily irritated
  • ✅ time blindness
    • often late
    • if given deadline, can perceive time well if scared enough of deadline
    • less blinking
      • when we blink, we reset our perception of time
  • poor spatial organization
  • misplaced belongings
    • keys
      • forgot my keys so many times as a kid
        • got good at prying the lock open with butter knife
      • now I have a belt
        • still: put my keys wherever
          • fell off table onto garbage bin
    • glasses
      • always asking for help finding my glasses
        • pass out on the bed and put my glasses somewhere
    • lost phones
      • 2022: Poco: had phone when was biking after work event
      • 2021?: Moto G6: fell out of my pocket as I was running to cross street
      • pVelocity: forgot phone on bus
    • forgot my clarinet on bus
      • was going down to the Subway and realized I left it on the bus
  • ✅ working memory
    • forgetting someone's name right when you meet them

[!What are attentional blinks]- (Huberman Lab: hour 1 and min 12) when you overfocus on one thing, you can't see other things Where's Waldo: right when you find Waldo, your attention blinks and celebrates and pauses when it blinks, you can't see the other Waldo right beside

When overfocus and look something you're looking for, you'll miss other info - people with ADHD have more attentional blinks - Rejection sensitivity

I was a terrible reader, I remember reading Harry Potter and Lord of the rings and I would miss a ton of things and scan

when talking about it with friends, they asked: did you even read the book? - example: Aragon is ___

even now, when I type, there's words missing and half finished sentences

  • can't stop working

  • carelessness

    • breaking stuff and glasses
      • broke so many wine glasses using too much pressure when hand washing
      • straight up moved my arm and hit some glasses and broke 3 tall glasses
    • doing things and then forgetting to finish
      • I liked vacuuming but I always forgot to put it awway
    • If I'm distracted, I'll half finish my food
      • I can't watch TV and eat, otherwise, I won't eat
  • difficulty listening
    • so hyperfocused on one thing
    • "come and eat": let me finish this thing
    • I sometimes zone out
  • forgetfulness
    • not memory problem
    • the info never sinks in
    • I have to always take notes during meetings, tons of docs at work
      • because I never remember
  • easily distractible (see [[ADHD Symptoms#Hypersensitivity]])
  • avoidance of hard tasks
    • writing docs instead of doing the task
    • that could be me trying to break things down


  • can't sleep if there's a manual watch or clock in the room
  • lots of stress and tension in body when there's someone snoring or having difficulty breathing
  • At work: I need to wear earplugs and listen to rain noise with headphones
    • brain doesn't shut those sounds out
    • Otherwise I get distracted and can't focus

Childhood: physical trigger: - someone breathing loudly - if someone is bouncing their leg - I have to look away or cover that part of my vision with my hand - always picking the corner seat so that I can see and be as far from others in an exam

Hyperactive & Impulsive Symptoms

  • Defiant
    • "come and eat"
    • they may have heard you but it didn't sink in
  • figeting & restlessness ❌
  • always running
    • I would rush showering and measure how much time I spent with my watch
    • When I would wait for a street light, I would always treat it like a race and sprint to cross the street as soon as the light turned green
  • always on the go, being driven by a motor
    • can't relax, always have to do something
    • even when there's a ton of stress in my body, exhausted
    • "car with bicycle brakes"
  • talk excessively ❌
    • blurt out answers & answer questions not directed at them
    • not tuned in with others
  • Difficulty waiting your turn ❌
  • Interrupting
    • Blurting shit out
    • At the border, border guard asks if we have ... And blurt it


(Gabor Mate: Scattered Minds)

  • triggered when a person feels controlled or pressured to do someone else's bidding
  • we can generate counterwill on ourselves

If You Have ADHD, You Are Likely To Be Depressed - YouTube

  • Poor Emotional Regulation
  • Irritable
  • disagreements
  • bullying
  • academic hardship
  • impulsivity
  • inattention
  • irritability

Inattentive presentation ADHD diagnosis


prefrontal cortex - dopamine

long active stimulant + CBT - mindb

scattered mind to success


Attention-Deficit Neuropsychology (ADHD) Part 1 with Dr. Russell Barkley — alie ward


ADHD people : analogy we're trying a lot harder, driving on the highway: person behind you is beeping at you, come on, just press on the accelerator, they don't see what's going on in front of you, what's inside you

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