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My experience with Pomodoros

Date: 2022-01-03


  • I've really struggled with pomodoros
  • I don't like how it gets me out of the zone
  • and how it leads to context switching
  • I keep coming back to it
    • maybe my 10th time of trying pomodoros again
    • because my autopilot is
      • less productive because it leads to burnout
      • I want to learn how to pace myself

I'm going to write some of my resistance here

New approach I'm trying in 2022

  • when taking a break, I won't actually distract myself, I'll
  • I'll force myself to break tasks down
    • and have some sort of warning when there's 5 minutes left
  • let go of the mentality of "there's still time to do something" when there's only ~1 minute left

Jan 14 Update

  • I've already stopped using Pomodoros
  • it's tough
  • something more effective is building natural breakpoints at work

Last update: 2023-04-24