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  • ignore a rule for the whole file
/* eslint-disable rule-name */
// @ts-nocheck (ignores the whole file)
  • ignore the rule for one line
/* eslint-disable-next-line rule-name */

// @ts-ignore (ignores one line)

Checking types

instanceof vs typeof

JS built-ins

  • instanceof for custom types
  • typeof for the simple built-in types

User Defined Type Guards

Return type isn't a boolean!

function isFish(pet: Fish | Bird): pet is Fish {
    return (pet as Fish).swim !== undefined;

Type Generation


Convert something to a string




  • Inferred generic: (from the params)
  • example: React.useState()
    • explicitly: React.useState<UnknownObject>({})

React and TS

Return type

JSX.Element or React.ReactElement?

React.ReactElement works for an array of functions??


Type of a React "callable"

interface ComponentProps {
    id: number;

const renderRoutes = (PassedComponent: React.ComponentType <ComponentProps>) => {
    return <PassedComponent


type GreetFunction = (a: string) => void;

Click event

(event: React.MouseEvent<HTMLElement>) => void

Importing a type that's the same name as the class

When working with progressbar.js, I was getting errors

When I tried importing the Shape,

import ProgressBar, { PathDrawingOptions, Shape } from "progressbar.js";

I had to use typeof Shape because I was importing the class Shape rather than the type


There's a separate import for the Shape

import type Shape from "progressbar.js/shape";

Rest parameter

declare keyword

Example: importing from a JS library

Declare that some variable that you has this type

declare let module: any;

declare const module = { doSomething: () => boolean };

Last update: 2022-11-04