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Performance Reviews

  1. Work Diary
  2. Self review
  3. Hype Doc
    2. I feel like I should just put this hype doc into my portfolio site

How many months did the project take?

  • How many engineers?
  • How many modules

Biases in Performance review

  • Generic feedback
    • ask for specific examples and during 1 on 1s: ask for examples when I was doing that thing
  • Recency bias
    • here's a list of things I've done over the period (work log)
  • Strictness bias
    • higher standard for you vs others
    • (Embrace it: my bar for quality isn't where your bar is, I'd like to learn from you, set goals)
    • Here's all the stuff I'm doing/improvements: how am I doing?
  • Devil's horn's bias
    • one bad thing clouds everything else
    • What's the number one thing that I should do to improve the most
  • Central tendency
    • Scale of 1-5: giving everyone a 3
  • Comparison
    • is there any way you can explain it without comparing with others?
    • Which others? So I can learn more from them

Last update: 2022-11-04