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Android Tips

Setting up Obsidian on Android

Mobile Sync for Obsidian | Some Thoughts

Termux Terminal on Android

  1. Download Termux (terminal) on F Droid
    1. not on Google Play
  2. Download the Termux:Widget | F-Droid
  3. pkg update
    1. if it doesn't work: termux-change-repo
    2. select the first option
  4. pkg install git
  5. pkg install openssh
    1. ssh-keygen
    2. cat ~/.ssh/
    3. add SSH key to GitHub
  6. termux-setup-storage
    1. give termux access to the file system via ~/storage
    2. no SD card access without root 😥
  7. cd ~/storage/downloads
  8. Install vim
    1. pkg install vim
  9. Setup git
    1. git config --global pull.rebase false
    2. git config --global "Fullchee Zhang"
    3. git config --global ""
  10. git clone
  11. git clone
  12. chmod 700 -R /data/data/com.termux/files/home/.shortcuts
  13. ~/.shortcuts/

Let git know to trust that folder

sync() {
    git add -A && git commit -m "Android" && git pull && git push;

cd ~/storage/downloads/notes
echo "Syncing notes"

cd ~/storage/downloads/private-notes
echo "Syncing private notes"


  • turn on Do Not Disturb mode
    • Samsung only lets you have one time for Do not Disturb
    • I want a schedule for work and sleep

Mobile data quick setting is missing on Samsung A8!

Enable developer options

Last update: 2023-03-30