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Why Storybook

!!! Using Vue? Try histoire

Learn Storybook in 17 minutes

Writing your first story

Tutorial on how to write your first story

Unit Testing Stories

Tutorial on re-using stories in unit tests

Q & A

Storybook is stuck loading locally!

If you're getting this error in the browser console: Singleton client API not yet initialized

Reinstall your node_modules

rm -f package-lock.json && rm -rf node_modules && npm i

The bottom controls bar disappeared! What do I do?

You may have pressed S, A, T or F which toggle the visibility of the controls

Why isn't my story showing up?

  1. Did you name it *.stories.tsx?
  2. Is there a syntax/runtime error in your story? (check the browser console)
  3. Is the default export's title unique?

How do I change the order of stories?

Modify the order in .storybook/preview.js

Last update: 2022-09-23