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JavaScript Tooling

All in one tool


2021 king: Babel

TS or new JS -> old JS

  • transpiling & polyfilling
  • minifying
  • packaging

2022 alternatives - TSC - TypeScript Compiler - TS -> JS - the only thing that can type check - errors out when there's a type error - SWC - Speedy Web Compiler - TS or new JS -> old JS - 2022: might type check in the future! - used by Deno - ESBuild also compiles - Vite uses ESBuild for compiling - Bun


bundles all of your JS files into one file (for each page)

Module Bundlers Explained... Webpack, Rollup, Parcel, and Snowpack

2021 choice: WebPack


people want something faster

  • ESBuild
    • super fast
    • will need to config a lot
      • not ready for prod yet
  • Rollup
  • Parcel

Dev server

2020 King: create-react-app

  • Vite
    • replacement for create-react-app for single page apps
    • built on ESBuild
    • super fast rebuild times
      • make a change in code -> changes apply in the browser right away
    • uses esbuild and rollup
      • might move away from rollup and only use esbuild
  • wds
    • web dev server
      • powered by ESBuild and Rollup too

How to run TS scripts from the CLI?

node script.js
npx tsx ./script.ts

JS runtimes

What is a runtime

  • code that you need to run your code
    • implements the features of the language needed to run the code


  • browser
    • you have window, DOM objects
  • Node.js
    • v8 engine & C++ libraries
    • has buffers, processes
  • tsx
    • faster version of ts-node that uses esbuild
    • Node.js + ESBuild to compile the TS
    • npx tsx
      • I can't seem to paste code snippets into it?
  • Deno
    • V8 + SWC + Rust
  • Cloudflare workers
  • Gmail
  • Bun
    • built from Zig that does all the things above built-in

JS Engine

aka browser engine


  • V8 Engine
    • Chrome
  • JavaScriptCore
    • WebKit
  • SpiderMonkey
    • Firefox
  • Rhino
    • JS Engine written in Java

JS Engine vs JS Runtime

  • JS code -> runnable commands ()
  • usually developed by web browsers
  • used to just be interpreters
    • now they're JIT compilers


Robot playing music - JS code: music notes - JS Engine: robot who can understand the notes and act on it - JS runtime: instruments the robot can use

Last update: 2022-09-23