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Virtual Environments


  • pipenv
  • poetry
  • pdm


  • Not a virtual environment
  • download the right version of python


why pipenv

  • managed by pypa
    • python packaging authority
    • same people who manage
      • pip
      • virtualenv
      • wheel

Enter the virtual env

pipenv shell

Create a virtual env

  1. Install the version of Python you wanna use
    1. pyenv install --list
      1. list all version of Python pyenv cn install
    2. pyenv install 3.10.6
  2. Switch to that version of python
    1. pyenv local 3.10.6
  3. Setup the env with that version of python
    1. pipenv install --python 3.10.6
    2. pipenv install to install with your current version

Last update: 2022-09-23