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Corporation roles


  • own a part of the company
  • elector directors


  • in charge of the direction of the business
    • in the best interests of the shareholder
  • hires officers
  • when to issue shares
  • adopt, amend and repeal by-laws
  • major changes, outside of normal course of the business
  • Annual meeting
    • is it mandatory????
  • Board of directors
    • corporation must have at least one director


[!Can you have 0 officers?]

  • executes the overall direction of the board
  • appointed (not elected) by the board of directors
  • CEO
    • highest-level person
    • longer term vision, strategy and focus
    • public-facing
    • can also be the President and Chairman of the board
  • President
    • second highest-level person after the CEO
    • implement shorter term strategy and operations
    • internal facing
    • can also be the COO

Last update: 2023-03-20